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One of #3D-Step-by-Step-Help's best (or at least favorite) resources is tutorials: files which explain in words or pictures or both, how to do something - how to create a particular object or how to master a particular skill.

Unfortunately many people seem to misunderstand "what is a tutorial?", and submit simple images. Some of those images are excellent but they are not tutorials.

To be accepted in #3D-Step-by-Step-Help's tutorial galleries, a submission must contain instructions - in words or pictures, ideally in both. It is not enough to show a finished product; we also need to see intermediate stages.

A tutorial submission should also be in a single file, if at all possible. Some people have submitted tutorials in the form of links to tutorial material at other sites. This is undesirable but acceptable, as long as (1) users don't have to join the host site, and (2) users don't have to pay or wait some commercially-motivated number of seconds to download the links. If accessing the tutorial is too difficult, the submission will be declined.

Tutorials may be submitted in any language, though there's a big advantage to submitting it in English: you get the largest possible audience.

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:bulletred: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: :pointr: Welcome to 3D-Step-by-Step-Help :pointl: :bulletblue: :bulletgreen: :bulletred:

Several individuals and 3D groups here on DeviantArt have tried to launch their own chats, which have met with various degrees of success, staying active for a while then dying.

Chat by J-Works

Currently, there really aren't any active chatroom where you can discuss and get help on 3D work.

That's why The 3D Chat has been created.

This chatroom doesn't advertise any specific groups, and will hopefully become a hub for all 3D artists, and use members from many different groups to administrate and keep it active.

Loaded up the top are various useful articles, tutorials and resources so that you can still get help and inspiration even when there's nobody else there.

We're also looking to add mentors, experienced 3D artists willing to give critique and advice in real time chat!

Cymae's looking for some active people willing to join in the chat and help moderate it.

Come have a look!

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:  New ZBrush Tutorials Folder :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

On request of a deviant, I have added a ZBush Tutorial Folder for all you sculptors out there! If you don't know what the program is, I suggest that you check it out. :D

:pointr: If you are interested in joining? :pointl:

To join the club and be come a member all you need to do is click the "join this group" in the side panel of the club page and to put the club icon into you Journal or on your profile page, so other people know where they can come to get 3D help!!!

You don't have to be a 3D Artist to join this group! if you do drawn/Photo model/Reference sheets or Textures, you are very welcome in this club!!!

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: How to become a Contributor :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

You must have over 2 years of 3D experience, if you do, send me galacticfan a note or a Contributor join request, telling what program you use and how many years once you have sent me a note, I will note you back telling you if your a Contributor or not, if you are I will send you an invite and all you need to do is accept it!

To put the icon in your journal, all you have to write is this:
: icon3D-Step-by-Step-Help :
But with out the spaces!

:pointr: How to submit your to the Group :pointl:

You need to be a member of this group to submit to the group!

Go into the club gallery go into the Folder you want to submit to and at the top there is a button called "submit to this folder" click that or you can go to the top of the club page and it has a button that has your name, icon and club role, you click that and you can submit to the club from there too, and then you need to wait till one of the admin accepts it, and there you go your work is submitted!

:bulletred:Note: If you post stuff in the wrong folder it will be denied or removed from the folder so please read the rules located in the folder!

:pointr: Thanks for visiting I hope we helped and if you need any more, just ask! :pointl:

Helpful 3D groups, Resources and Free Software for 3D Artists!!!

So this Group Blog is going to be a list of Helpful Resources and Free Software for 3D Artists, this has been collected by Club admin and WillowXD to give you a wide list where to find anything you need for your 3D modelling!!!
:bulletred: Note: This is going to be a long but helpful blog!

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:  3D-Step-by-Step-Help's Tutorials, References and Resources :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: We, as a group, has a wide range of Tutorials, References, Resources and general help services to offer!

:bulletblue: We have a wide range of tutorials for many 3D packages in our Tutorial Gallery folders - 3d-step-by-step-help.deviantar…
If you have any 3D Tutorials or know any 3D tutorials please Submit or suggest them to the club!  

:bulletblue: We also have a wide range of Downloadable Models and Textures in our Resources Gallery folder - 3d-step-by-step-help.deviantar…
If you have any or know of any Downloadable Models and/or Textures please Submit or suggest them to the club!

:bulletblue: And not to forget a wide range of Reference Sheets, Drawn and Photo based References in our References Gallery folder - 3d-step-by-step-help.deviantar…
If you have any or know of Reference Sheets please Submit or suggest them to the club!

:bulletred: And let’s not forget we have our Admin that will help you with any 3D problem that you may have, just send them a note or post on the club page!

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:  3D Specific Resources Groups :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

These groups specifically cater to 3D artists.

ModelSheetCentral Has a Wide Range of References
3DTutorialGroup Has a Wide Range of Tutorials and General Help and advice

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:  Other 3D Groups you can Join :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

Here are a list of the 3D clubs here on DA you can join!

:icon3d-pt: :icongooglesketchup: :icondazclub: :icon3d-step-by-step-help: :iconlow-poly-love: :icon3dmodeling: :icon3devpinoy: :icon3dti: :iconposeraddicts: :icon3d-artists: :icon3d-magazine: :icon3d-favorites: :iconthe3dartistclub: :icon3dtutorialgroup: :iconcgpinups: :icon3d-animation: :iconblendergameart: :icon3daga: :iconposer-3d-artist: :icon3dstudiomaxusers: :icon3dpetitegirlslover: :icon3dsinifi: :iconmayazbrush: :iconlow-poly: :icon3-dimensions: :iconperfect-3d: :iconautodesk-maya: :iconthe-solidworks: :icon3dgamestudio: :icon3dartistas: :icon3-d-art: :icon3dworkaholics: :iconthirddim3nsion: :iconarchitecture3d: :icon3dgurus: :icon3d-interior: :iconimpassioned-3d: :iconcgsculpt: :iconsculptrisartists: :iconphotosculpt: :iconrender-a-day: :iconvray-group: :icondazzl3d: :icon3d-enchantment: :iconc4dusers: :iconrhinoceros3d: :iconraytracingforlive: :icon3d-digital-art: :iconbionicle3d: :iconmundo3d: :iconlightwave-artists: :iconcaustic-club: :icon3d-characters: :iconincendiaryart: :icongame-art: :icon3d-artificers: :icon3d-critiques: :iconmagical3d: :iconmental-ray: :icon3dsteamworks: :iconlvl-5: :iconvswarm: :icon3dcc: :iconposeraddicts3d: :icon3dim-abstractism: :icon3ds-max: :icon3ds-max-tutorials: :icon3d-abstracts: :iconkerkythea: :iconudk-resources: :iconblender-club: :iconluxology--fans: :iconindigo-renderer: :iconunrealeditorlevels: :iconzbrushers-guild: :icon3dcreators: :icondaz-artists-guild: :iconvueport: :iconc4deviant: :icondazzers-at-large: :icondazaholics: :iconvamp3d: :iconthe3dsociety:
If I have missed any 3D groups you know of or own, please tell me so I can put it up.

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: Texture Resources Groups and links :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

Here is a list of Groups on DA that offer free Texture downloads you can use!

:iconseamlesstextures: :icontexturize: :icontexture-central: :icononlytexture: :icontexturizeurart: :iconbest-textures:

Here is a list of links to sites that offer free texture downloads!

:bulletblue: CG -
:bulletblue: Plain -…
:bulletblue: Textures -
:bulletblue: Textures -
:bulletblue: 3D total -…
If you know any good Texture sites or DA groups please tell me!

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: Tutorial Groups and links :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

Here is a list of Groups on DA that offer Free 3D Tutorials!

:icon3dtutorialgroup: :icon3dsinifi: :icon3ds-max-tutorials: :icon3dgurus: :icondivine-tutorials: :icontutorialsforyou: :iconglobaltutorials: :icontutorialsclub: :icontipsandtricks: :icontutorial-city: :icontutorial-central: :icondigitalarttutorial:
These clubs are only tutorial clubs, but some of the clubs listed above have a tutorial section as well!

Here is a list of Links that offer Free 3D Tutorials!

:bulletblue: -…
:bulletblue: -…
:bulletblue: -
:bulletblue: -
:bulletblue: -…
:bulletblue: -

If you have any links or groups of good 3D tutorial sites please send them to me!

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: Feedback and Critique Groups and links. :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

Here is a list of groups on DA that you can get some good Feedback and Critique on your work!

:icon3d-critiques: :iconconstructive101: :iconcritique-it: :iconcritiques-requested: :iconthumbshare: :iconredlineplease: :icongimmefeedback: :iconuncritic: :iconcritiquecommunity: :iconcritique-exchange: :icongoldencritique-club: :iconcritiquing-club:

Here are some good websites where you can get some good feedback on your work!

:bulletblue: -
:bulletblue: -…
:bulletblue: -
:bulletblue: Daz3D -
:bulletblue: -
:bulletblue: CGArena -
:bulletblue: Area Autodesk -
If you know any good 3D forums or DA groups please send me a link!

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: Free 3D Software Links (Legitimate!) :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:

Here is a list of Free 3D software all links are to legitimate Free Software sites!

:bulletred: Blender
Download -…
Main website -
Software info - a free downloadable Full 3D program, with features like Modelling, Rigging, Rendering, Animation, Shading, UV Unwrapping, Physics and Particles, Imaging and Compositing and Realtime 3D/Game Creation, for more information -…

:bulletred: Wings 3D
Download -
Main website -
Software info - a free downloadable Full 3D program, its good for doing basic 3D modelling, texturing and rendering for more information -…

:bulletred: Google SketchUp
Download -
Main website -
Software info - a free downloadable Full 3D program, its good for doing basic, less organic 3D modelling, texturing and rendering for more information -…

:bulletred: Daz Studio
Download -…
Main Website -
Software info - DAZ Studio is a free, feature rich 3D figure design and 3D animation tool, for more information -…

:bulletred: K-3D
Download -
Main Webpage -
Software info - K-3D is free-as-in-freedom 3D modelling and animation software. It features a plugin-oriented procedural engine for all of its content, making K-3D a very versatile and powerful package, for more information -

:bulletred: anim8or
Download -…
Main website -
Software info - Anim8or is a 3D modelling and character animation program for more information -…

:bulletred: Scupltris
Download -…
Main Website -
Software info - sculpt 3D models with this software works like z-brush and MudBox but free, for more information -

:bulletgreen: xNormal
Download -
Main Website -
Software info - xNormal is like crazy bump but its free for anyone who wants to make bump maps, Ambient Occlusion Maps etc, for more information -

:bulletgreen: Roadkill
Download -…
Main Webpage -…
Software info - This is a helpful program that helps properly work with UV placements using colour system that tells you if your uv map is having errors. Work well with allot of the 3D programs for more information -…

:bulletgreen: NVIDIA Normal Map filter
Download -…
Main Webpage -…
Software info - The NVIDIA Normal Map filter creates normal maps from grayscale height maps. The filter UI provides a powerful 3D preview and a variety of filtering options, for more information -…

If You know of any free (legitimate) 3D software and/or plugins, send them to me so I can put them up!

So I hope all this information was helpful, tell me if I have missed any thing and I will put it up, I will be updating this post now and again!

Thank you WillowXD!
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